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The message is hope, the promise is freedom from active addiction.
Broader the foundation, the higher the point of freedom.

322 East 8th Avenue
Homestead PA 15120-1518
Saturday and Sunday
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Closed 1:00-1:15 PM
Closed Easter Sunday
(412) 462-4246

Tri-State Region of Narcotics Anonymous
Regional Delegate

Conference Agenda Report (CAR) and Voting

Below you will find a number of important resources you can use to learn about what will be discussed and decided at the upcoming conference. Just this week, NAWS provided a pretty extensive set of videos and PowerPoint materials to help explain the CAR; we’ll likely be reviewing some of these materials at the upcoming CAR workshops.

WSC 2020 Conference Agenda Report

WSC 2020 Conference Agenda Report tally sheet for Groups

WSC 2020 Videos and PowerPoints

CAR Workshop Scheduling

Slots are filling up fast for scheduling CAR workshops. So far, we’ve scheduled a workshop for the Butler area on 2/22/20, the East End area tentatively in March, and Erie on 3/1/20; more will be revealed! We would like to offer up to 3 more sessions. Please reach out to us for available dates as soon as possible. Also, if your area would like to get involved with any of the workshops already scheduled, we can get you in touch with the RCMs coordinating those sessions.

Regional Delegate December 19, 2019 Report

NEZF Hosting Report

CAR Workshops in the Tri-State Region

2/22/2020WE Area CAR Workshop
Flyer12:00 PM
207 Perry Avenue, Belle Vernon PA
2/29/2020 Butler CAR Workshop
Grapevine Center, 140 N. Elm St. Butler, Pa. 16001
3/1/2020Erie CAR Workshop
MHA at 1101 Peach St Erie, PA 16501
3/14/2020EEANA CAR Workshop
5115 Second Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15229
3/21/2020TSRSO CAR Workshop
322 E 8th Ave, Homestead, PA 15120

Please let us know if you have any questions: - we’re here for you and your area!