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Tri-State Region of Narcotics Anonymous
Outreach Subcommittee

The purpose of the Outreach sub-committee is to assist isolated groups or troubled areas within the tri-state region, providing information through literature or attendance.

It is the responsibility of this committee to:

  • Direct such groups and areas to other local service bodies, NA meetings, TSRSO Inc., TSRSCNA or to NAWS
  • This subcommittee shall have a working budget of $200 between regional meetings and will follow all applicable TSRSCNA and NAWS guidelines and policies.
  • To work with the STL programming subcommittee to ensure that an outreach workshop is included, to allow for the opportunity for development of and interest and understanding of outreach.

Per Previous Passed Motions

Outreach—Jan 1987—Definition of a committee whose purpose is to reach out and inform isolated NA groups about the benefits of being involved in the service structure, sub-committees, etc.

Per outreach resource information packet

Main purpose of outreach is to help overcome the isolation that hinders the growth and survival of our groups....aimed at bringing geographically isolated NA members into the larger community…efforts range from supporting groups that are far away to informing members that local groups are in need of support. Members engaging in outreach to isolated groups can promote re-involvement through direct, open discussion of concerns. Outreach work is done to end isolation and promote growth, not to spread homogeneous approach to recovery in NA. Overall it should encourage service work and the structure of outreach should reflect locally identified needs. Outreach committees can be involved in providing communications, support, and some limited services to these meetings, groups, and or areas. The services they provide may include establishing and maintaining some form of ongoing communication, regular visits, sharing experience about services issues, sharing information on how and where to order literature and register with the WSO, and providing information about other meetings that may be nearby.

There is a volunteer list that we can share and also the idea of ‘road trips’ to meetings is a feasible idea based on regional outreach purpose/policy.

Proposed Outreach Subcommittee Policy

(A motion has been presented changing Outreach Subcommittee policy including the content of all 4 links below which contain those policy changes. If approved these 4 links and "contact us" form will be included on the TSRSCNA website.)

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