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Additional Needs

Most of us can find a meeting on a meeting schedule, get to it, enter and sit down, and hear the spoken message of recovery without a second thought. However, there are some for whom this is not possible. They need additional help in order to do what most of us take for granted. In other words, they are addicts who, for a number of reasons, have additional needs.

”Additional Needs Resource Information”, NA World Services, Inc., 2002

What does the term “additional needs” really mean?

Additional needs arise from physical challenges such as blindness, hearing impairment or mobility limitations by the use of a wheelchair. Additional Needs is not limited to these three categories. Addicts with additional needs may have difficulty with the following:

  • Hearing the spoken message of recovery
  • Reading the written message of recovery
  • Transportation to meetings
  • Accessing meeting spaces or event locations

The mission of our committee is to help addicts with overcoming these types of difficulties and receive the message of Narcotics Anonymous. The Website Subcommittee likewise strives to make this website ADA-compliant.

We meet the first Saturday of each month at 12 noon at the TSRSO 322 East 8th Avenue, Homestead, PA 15120

For more info please email:

The therapeutic value of one addict helping another is without parallel. As with all addicts, when we help an addict with additional needs we help carry the message of NA recovery.

-from IP#26, “Accessibility for Those with Additional Needs”

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Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat both have a read aloud feature. This feature will allow PDFs that are ADA accesible to be read out loud for patrons.

NOTE: The absolute best way to make use of Adobe's accessibility features is to use Adobe in conjunction with your assistive technology screen reader software.

The instructions below are intended for machines that do not have assistive technology installed on them.

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To pause, select a specific section, or, read to the end of the document, select view, the read out loud option, and then the appropriate option (pause, etc.)

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